Thursday, April 28, 2016

Philip Tran son of Colonel Trần Văn Hai former Commander Special Mission Services JCS/RVN

To whom it may concern,

Pardon the randomness of this email.  My ability to speak and read
Vietnamese is very limited as I was born and raised in the United

I found this photo in one of my father's hidden boxes.  Are you the
same officer shown in this photo?
If you are, I would like to ask you some further questions.


Philip Tran

 Yes I am the Colonel's middle son.  I know he has not been active in reunion parties since 1992 for personal reasons.  I'm finding it very hard to find anyone who served under him.  If you know of any paratroopers or anyone who served under him, I am enclosing a photo from Westminster.  I always felt that a patriotic son of the
motherland would have been buried with military honors.




Lt. Pham

I am enclosing a photo of a project I created in memory of my father. I knew nothing really of his pre 1975 life.  I've tried asking him many times before but he would never say anything.  This shadow box is created by his reading actual military records.  If you or any other commandos who have served with my father, would you kindly share the stories with me.  I refuse to let his memory, sacrifice, and everything he's done in the name of freedom pass with him.  Today is April 28.  41 years ago he took my mom under the cover of night, and crossed the border through Cambodia to fly out through Thailand.  It is that bravery is how my family ended up living free and with choices in America.  I respect everything every soldier did in the name of the Republic.


Philip Tran


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