Monday, April 18, 2016

Tiger Moriizumi RVN Ambassador Japan

I've interested in a military uniforms from child age.
When I was 17, I started to collect uniforms of the QLVNCH, and study the history of Vietnam War on an individual basis. (By a curious coincidence, my old high school which I attend in that time called "越南(Koshi-Nan)" as an abbreviation, it's a same Chữ Hán with "Việt Nam".)
Then I've joining a Vietnam War re-enactment event in Japan with my friends over 10 years. Through that, we have playing a part of the QLVNCH soldiers, such as Bộ Binh, Pháo Binh, Kỵ Binh, Quân Cảnh, Nhẩy Dù, Biệt Động Quân, Địa Phương Quân, Lực Lượng Đặc Biệt, Nha Kỹ Thuật and Cảnh Sát Quốc Gia. If there is no reproduction insignias, I make those myself to aim high reproducibility for the re-enactment. Our passion for QLVNCH never decline.

At the same time, I've reading a voice of QLVNCH veterans on Internet to learn the history of that war deeply. Through that, I learned a hardship of the Vietnamese people who are repressed by the Communist Party of Vietnam.
Also I love Vietnamese culture, not only military, so I've attending the Tet festival holding at a Vietnamese buddism temple in Japan from 5 years ago. In there, I got some friends who came to Japan as a refugee after 1975, and I heard their sad memories.
In actuality, over 10,000 Vietnamese refugees came to Japan after 1975. However, most Japanese people don't know the true history of Vietnam War and why the "liberation" by Ho Chi Minh made over one million refugees. They are living without understanding by Japanese neighbor.
In addition, there aren't many chance to learn Vietnamese language in Japan, young generation who were born in Japan can't understand their own language. So they continue to lose their folk Identity now. I feel so sorry about them as a Japanese. So I decided to be helpful for them, as a person who knows their hardship.

In 2015, I visited to California to attend into "Đại nhạc hội Cám Ơn Anh". I had wished to offer my feelings of condolence and respect to the wounded veterans and the spirit of heroes from long time ago. I did it in this trip. And it was really great experience for me. I could meet a lot of veterans of QLVNCH such as Mr. Lê Hoàng, Mr.Nguyễn Văn Phép, Mr.Phạm Hòa, their family and USMC veteran Mr. William Mimiaga. They told me their experience of the war and life of Vietnamese refugees in America. My heart aches for those story.
On other hand, I was really impressed to know their efforts after the war. They lost their country and many things in April 1975. But they accomplished a rebuild of their life on America and other countries. I learned a lot of things from their life.
And luckily, I was able to know their kindness. They took every possible care of me in this trip. I cannot thank they enough. I shall never forget their kindness.

And I'm writing a Blog about Vietnam from few years ago, for example, the history of war, a person of VNCH, a life of refugees and the democratic political movement in CSVN. I wanna make people know those facts which hidden by political powers.
I'll continue to support for them. I feel it is my mission.

Tiger Moriizumi

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