Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Seige of An Loc - 44 years An Loc Battle Commemorative

 Aloha All.....was honored to accompany LtCol. Craig Mandeville last evening, to the Anniversary Reunion for those that served and survived, the "Seige of An Loc." This battle was the largest of the Vietnam War, lasting 66 days, during the Easter Offensive in '72, where thousands died and thousands more were wounded on both sides. The story is incredible and my brother, LtCol Mandeville was a hero of that battle. He was an advisor to the 9th ARVN Division that relieved the seige, earning him a second Silver Star to accompany his Legion of Merit, Bronze Star and five Purple Hearts. We were honored to sit at the VIP table with the son of another hero of that battle, General Tran Van Nhut, where both of us spoke at his Memorial Service, last January 2015 at his passing. Craig served with General Nhut during this battle, destroying numerous NVA tanks. Chris and his beautiful family, wife Catherine, who speaks with an Australian accent, as she was raised in "down under", after the Fall of Saigon, and his two beautiful daughters, Jackie and Patty. The last three pictures are of General Nhut, Chris and his family. A wonderful reunion of true warfighters gathered together for camaraderie and a remembrance for those fellow soldiers lost in this famous battle. Outstanding Vietnamese dishes as always and the entertainment was flawless, emotionally moving at times and just beautiful. Another awesome event with my Vietnamese, "Band of Brothers and Sisters," and where like my Marines, I was volunteered to serve on the committee for next years Tet Parade, with the Chair of that Committee and my personal friend, City Councilman, Phat Bui. I missed you my brother Hoa Pham, but we will get together soon. Ooooooorah and Semper Fi. Monsoon



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